Karen Jansen

Karen Jansen


Meet the people at Snymans Inc

Karen Jansen seamlessly transitioned from the medical field to a thriving two-decade career in law, starting as a conveyancing assistant in 2004 and evolving into a seasoned paralegal. Graduating in 2002 with a BPSYC degree in Trauma Counselling from UNISA, she combines academic excellence with practical legal expertise, particularly in conveyancing.

In 2024, Karen joined Snymans, contributing her unique blend of skills, compassion, and dedication to the team. Beyond her legal prowess, her vibrant personality thrives in social interactions. She values making new connections and actively engages in charity work with various NPO organisations, reflecting her commitment to positive impact.

An animal lover with a passion for nature, Karen finds joy in every creature, big and small. Her creative spirit adds another layer to her personality, enjoying various forms of art and crafting. Karen is not just a hardworking professional; she takes pride in her work ethic and willingly goes the extra mile. Her presence makes her an invaluable asset to Snymans, enhancing the team with her expertise and positive energy.