Danitsa Badenhorst

Danitsa Badenhorst

Client Liaison Officer

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Danitsa's journey began on a serene farm just outside the charming town of Swellendam. Surrounded by the rustic beauty of the countryside, she developed a deep-rooted passion for people, food, and hospitality from an early age. This innate love guided her path as she embarked on her educational journey, driven by her desire to immerse herself in the world of culinary arts and hospitality.

Upon completing her matriculation, Danitsa pursued her dreams further by obtaining a qualification in hospitality, food, and wine, with a specialisation in culinary arts. Her dedication and talent as a chef blossomed through years of hard work and experience in various facets of the hospitality industry.

With unwavering determination, Danitsa eventually realised her dream of owning and managing her own restaurant, where she poured her heart and soul into creating memorable dining experiences for her guests.

However, life is full of surprises, and Danitsa's journey took a new turn in September 2023, when she bid farewell to the bustling world of hospitality and embraced a new opportunity at Snymans. At Snymans, she brings her wealth of experience and genuine love for people to her role, enriching the team with her skills and dedication.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Danitsa finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. She shares her home with her beloved three-legged cat, Felix, who brings warmth and companionship to her days. In her leisure time, you'll often find her tending to her garden, where her green fingers and toes work their magic amidst the vibrant blooms and lush foliage.

With her infectious passion for hospitality, her culinary expertise, and her nurturing spirit, Danitsa continues to leave a lasting impression on everyone she meets, infusing warmth and hospitality into every aspect of her life.