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Township Proclamation

Township establishment in South Africa is a complex process requiring compliance with various legal requirements. Snymans Inc Conveyancers can assist.

What do we offer?

Township establishment in South Africa is a detailed process that involves converting agricultural land into residential, commercial, or industrial property development. To obtain approval from the relevant municipality, the property owner must submit an application that includes a land survey, site development plans, and other relevant documents. The municipality has by-laws that set out the requirements for the establishment of a township, and the property owner must comply with these by-laws during the establishment process.

A land surveyor prepares a General Plan of the proposed township, which must be approved by the Surveyor General. The township register is then opened by the Registrar of Deeds, who is responsible for ensuring that the township is proclaimed. Once the township register is opened, Snymans Inc Conveyancers can assist with the administrative and legal process until the erven (plots of land) in the township become registrable.

It is important to note that the process of township establishment can be complex and time-consuming. Therefore, seeking the assistance of a qualified and experienced conveyancer such as Snymans Inc is advisable to ensure that the process is completed successfully. Snymans Inc Conveyancers can assist with the registration and legalisation of township establishments, including the preparation of title deeds for the land portions that incorporate the township establishment conditions and the General Plan.