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Document Checklist

Your Transfer Information

  • Paralegal Attending to your Matter

    Kindly select the Paralegal who has been in contact with you.
  • Personal Details

    Kindly provide us with your personal information and postal address.

  • Bond Details (If Applicable)

    If you have already applied for a bond, kindly supply the following information.
    If this section is not applicable to you, please leave the fields blank.
  • Upload FICA Documents

    Please upload copies of the following documents in order to comply with FICA.
    Please ensure that these documents are under 8MB each and are in PDF or JPG format.
    FICA The Financial Intelligence Center Act compels accountable institutions, such as banks and attorneys, to physically verify the identities and existence of our clients as a preventative measure against fraud.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg.
    Proof of Identity A copy of your Identity Document or Passport.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg.
    Proof of Residence Such as a scanned copy of a utility bill, not older than 3 months.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg.
    Proof of Marital Status Scanned copies of your Marriage Certificate and Antenuptual Contract, if applicable.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg.
    Proof of Income Tax Number A copy of any correspondence from SARS reflecting your tax number.