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Minors and immovable property
Rental Management

The Rental Housing Tribunal


It is always the hope that tenant and landlord relationships remain respectful and positive, but when things take a turn for the worse, the Rental Housing Tribunal is there to help. Here’s what you need to know…

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Rental Management

What happens to your rental deposit?


It is common cause for any landlord in today’s rental market to request a deposit upfront from prospective tenants, however, there are often questions that arise around the return of this deposit when the lease is later cancelled or expires.

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The difference between movable and immovable property
Rental Management

Subletting your property


The recent tax hike has triggered tenants to consider subletting as a way to make an extra buck. We’ve put together a basic guide exploring key aspects: what it means to sublet, how subletting differs based on the kind of property, the different terms of a subletting agreement and best practice when subletting.

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Buying tenanted properties - don’t get caught out
Rental Management

What is a ‘long term lease’?


A long term lease entitles the lessee to a limited real right over a property for an agreed period of time ranging from 10 years to 99 years.

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